About Us


Carpet & Tile

We happily offer both residential and commercial Carpet & Tile cleaning services with customized appointment times to suit YOUR cleaning need! Actually Clean operates with a higher temperature, measuring over 230 degrees AND a much higher extraction rate than our competitors!  Science says that the boiling point for water is 212 degrees and boiling water kills bacteria. Other floor cleaning companies run their temperatures around 160 degrees. What this means for you, our customer, is that Actually Clean’s methods simultaneously kill bacteria while “Green Cleaning” the various flooring surfaces throughout your home or business.  An “Actually Clean” home or business has our promise that it is indeed actually healthier and “Actually Clean!”


Green & Evironmentally Friendly

Actually Clean uses a series of proprietary cleansing and protection formulas that are pH Neutral, Non-Toxic,  Non-Allergenic and will NOT leave harmful residue. We are the answer for “Green & Eco-Friendly” services that support healthy Indoor Air Quality.