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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet & Tile

We happily offer both residential and commercial Carpet & Tile cleaning services with customized appointment times to suit YOUR cleaning need! Actually Clean operates with a higher temperature, measuring over 230 degrees AND a much higher extraction rate than our competitors!  Science says that the boiling point for water is 212 degrees and boiling water kills bacteria. Other floor cleaning companies run their temperatures around 160 degrees. What this means for you, our customer, is that Actually Clean’s methods simultaneously kill bacteria while “Green Cleaning” the various flooring surfaces throughout your home or business.  An “Actually Clean” home or business has our promise that it is indeed actually healthier and “Actually Clean!”

Upholstery Cleaning Service

Proper care and maintenance can extend the color and vibrancy of upholstery.  More importantly; regular cleaning & upholstery protection from Actually Clean can extend the overall life of your upholstered furniture two to three times longer than just “letting it go”.     

Cleaning with other products or using other machine methods can result in voiding your furniture’s warranty!

 eco friendly enviromentallt friendly safe

Green & Evironmentally Friendly

Actually Clean uses a series of proprietary cleansing and protection formulas that are pH Neutral, Non-Toxic,  Non-Allergenic and will NOT leave harmful residue. We are the answer for “Green & Eco-Friendly” services that support healthy Indoor Air Quality.


Pet Stains & Odor Removal

 We are experts in the removal of pet stains and by default; their odors. Actually Clean Floor & Furniture uses a non-invasive light technique to reveal hidden stains that could be the source of that lingering pet odor.  All odor mitigation is “actually” a decontamination process. All odors are from a direct source. To rid your carpeting of an odor the source of the contaminant must be treated.  Actually Clean has the tools and experience to locate and then rid your carpeting of those unwanted and very unhealthy pet stains!  No stains= no odors! 

Emergency Water Extraction

 Actually Clean Floor & Furniture will arrive with our Aero Tech truck powered equipment that meets the only “Gold Standard” in truck mounted systems; We are the most powerful system you can call on. 

 Once the water is mitigated by extracting and pumping the invasive water out of the affected areas, we will deploy our extremely powerful drying fans. Our team members will also monitor the drying process and then remove the fans when completed.

Tile & Grout

 Tile and Grout pose a unique cleaning challenge. Even though tile appears to be a smooth surface it is actually composed of hundreds and thousands of little microscopic pores.  These tiny indentations can be hiding place for dirt and worse; bacteria.  Grout is particularly porous and due to it’s softer texture dirt and bacteria can get caught in those surfaces very easily. Mopping with harsh chemicals on tile and grout does not “Actually Clean” these varied surfaces.

Construction Clean-Up

Let Actually Clean get your business ready for the Grand Opening Event! After your construction crews wrap up, we will be there to remove all of the dust and debris and have your business move-in-ready. 

Have Questions?

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